Dentures Q & A

Westwood Dental Arts Center

How long will it take for me to feel comfortable while wearing my dentures?

Most people adjust to their dentures after about two weeks of regular wear; patients with partial dentures tend to adjust more quickly than those with full dentures. To help ensure you adjust as quickly as possible, wear your dentures as often as possible and as long as possible during the breaking in period to enable your gums to become used to their feel and pressure. Most patients have the sensation the teeth are too large or they may feel their lips are protruding. These are natural feelings that will dissipate once your mouth becomes accustomed to the feel of dentures.

Will I be able to eat normally?

Some foods may prove problematic even after wearing your dentures for a long time, especially hard or crunchy foods that require firm biting, such as apples or corn on the cob. However, once the breaking-in period is over, you should be able to enjoy most foods without any problem. The key is to use enough adhesive to ensure dentures remain in place while chewing. Also, because your taste buds are located on your tongue, your ability to taste foods will not be impaired.

How will my dentures affect my ability to speak?

Your dentures may make your tongue feel or move differently during the breaking-in period. Some patients find they drool in the first few days after receiving their dentures. To help you feel comfortable when speaking, it’s a good idea to read out loud for a few days after receiving your dentures. Before you know it, you’ll be speaking just as you did before you started wearing dentures.

How can I prevent sore spots?

Sore spots tend to resolve once you adjust to wearing dentures. If they don’t, your dentist at Westwood Dental Arts Center can adjust them for you.

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